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Neighborhood Watch

Tips for Burglary Prevention:  

  • Physical security constitutes 90 percent of burglary prevention. If your home is locked and unauthorized entry is made difficult, time consuming, and conspicuous, chances of a successful burglary are minimized. 

  • Locks on all outside entrances should be deadbolt locks.

  • Windows should have secure locks and should stay locked.

  • The perimeter should be well lit, especially around all entry points.

  • Your NC Driverís License or SSN should be engraved on enticing objects.

  • Keep accurate records of serial numbers on all items to help in recovery.

  • Invest in a good security system along with motion sensor lights installed out of reach.

Tips for Home Security:

  • Often, an intruder will be deterred from entering your home if you make it a noisy, difficult, time-consuming, and highly visible task.

  • When away, make your home look as if it is occupied. Leave lights and a radio on.

  • Have a friend or neighbor get your mail and newspaper, or cut the grass as needed.

  • Be creative when hiding your valuables; burglars often go straight to the bedroom
    to look under mattresses, in bedside stands, and in closets for money and jewelry.

  • Be a nosy neighbor; report any suspicious activity by calling 911.

  • Don't keep large amounts of cash or really valuable jewelry around the house.

  • If someone asks to use your phone, make the call yourself; don't invite them in.

  • Always double check doors at night and lock all windows.

  • Videotape the contents of your home. Keep the video and the list of all valuables in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box.

  • Give a spare key and emergency contact numbers to your neighbors.

  • Arrange to have your mail and newspapers stopped or picked up daily.

  • Arrange to have your yard mowed so your house looks occupied.

Tips for Car Security:

  • When you park your car, close the windows, lock the doors and take the key.

  • Keep valuables out of sight, preferably locked away in the trunk.

  • Don't hide a spare key in a magnetic key box; thieves know all the hiding places.

  • If you have two cars and one of them is easy to break into, then park it in your driveway so the other car blocks it.

  • Q:  Why should I report crime when the criminal justice system seems to do nothing?

  • A:  The idea is to keep crime from happening in the first place!  Often convictions cannot occur because people are unwilling to be witnesses or provide information.  Neighborhood Watch aids and supports witnesses in these matters.  Remember, even an anonymous call can help solve a crime!  Greystone Farms has a successful Neighborhood Watch program; please help support it by doing your part.


The Greystone Farms Homeowners Association would like to welcome you to Greystone Farms, Fayetteville, NC!

Our Mission:
Maintaining a high quality of life within the Greystone Farms Community and keeping Greystone Farms one of the most desirable communities in Fayetteville.

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