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Concerns Voiced by your Neighbors

Please Do Not Feed the Horses at the Stables or in the Pastures. The Owners of the Horses say that this messes up their diets and their systems. You may pet them, just don't feed them!
Thank You
The speed limit in this neighborhood is 25 miles per hour. There are a number of people ignoring this and endangering our residence - especially children that might not be paying as much attention. Please obey the speed limit and if you see anyone not doing so, please ask them nicely to slow down.
Remember - There is not suppose to be any solicitations, so don't encourage any one doing this.
Some neighbors are being bothered by dogs barking early in the morning. (Mainly on Saturday mornings when the opportunity to sleep a little longer exists for some.) Please be courteous of your neighbors if you have dogs that are outside in the early morning hours and do not let them bark for long (10-15 minutes) periods of time with out attending to them.
It has been mentioned that on occasion dog droppings are showing up on the roads and curbs of our neighborhood. It is possible that some of this comes from strays that have wandered through our area, but if you are walking your dog and the urge comes over them to drop their load, please try to direct them to an undeveloped lot to do their business or pick up after them if they if an accident occurs.

If you have a neighborhood concern that you feel needs to be shared you may click hear and send an email stating your concern. The intent of this section is not to voice petty complaints, but to just to post friendly reminders to your neighbors of things that will help us all live together in better harmony. There is not guarantee that everyone will see these notices.