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Guidelines for use of common areas

1. No cars, trucks or heavy equipment allowed on dam unless authorized by Board of Directors. Erosion control on and around the dam must be maintained.

2. No grass, leaves, pine straw, trash or debris shall be intentionally placed into the lakes or Common Areas. Removal of same will be the responsibility of the offending party.

3. No visitors allowed to fish in the lakes unless accompanied by a homeowner. No Exceptions. We will not get into a discussion about who has been given permission and who has not. Violators will be charged with trespassing.

4. No gasoline engines allowed in lakes. All boats used on the lakes must meet NC Wildlife requirements (except for a registration sticker). This includes life jackets for everyone on board. Children under 12 must wear theirs. The Homeowners Association will require that all boaters adhere to the safety rules of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. Horseplay that could reasonably result in injury will not be tolerated. Homeowners are not to be disturbed unnecessarily while engaging in the use of any of the Common Areas. No trespassing or fishing from private property without homeowner's permission.

5. The stables are open to visitation only after signing Chapter 99E form. Horses are not to be fed or handled unless the horse's owner gives permission.

6. No trailers or equipment are to be stored on Common Areas unless authorized by Board of Directors. Said trailers or equipment will be removed at owner's expense if necessary. Small boats stored outside on your property shall not be easily visible from the road.

7. We do not wish to restrict the ability of the Homeowners to take fish from the lake. We do ask that you do not remove more fish than you will eat. There are plenty of crappie and bream, and you should be able to keep all you want without harming the stability of the lakes ecosystem. Please help us to manage our fish population so that we may enjoy many days of not just going fishing, but catching fish.



Please help us to keep the Common Areas clean and enjoyable by following the above guidelines.


Failure to follow these guidelines will result in forfeiture of the right to use the Common Areas.

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